ADRA Romania supporting education for children in need

ADRA Romania supporting education for children in need

(ADRA Romania)

Currently, nationwide, 370 children benefit from this program.

April 24, 2016 | Bern, Switzerland. | ADRA Romania, A.Mazza, CD-EUDNEWS.

Vlăduţ Arapache, born in the town of Dor Mărunt, in the Calarasi region of Romania, is a smart, lovely, creative kid, appreciated by teachers and friends. He is the youngest member of the Arapache family, composed of grandmother, mother and 6 children, 3 of whom are minors. His father died due to a relentless disease. 

The three older children had to quit school, taking over some of the responsibilities of the father; they understand the situation and try to be a support to their mother and to their younger siblings. 

The widow, Ioana Arapache, is trying hard to cope with this difficult situation – the three younger children do not permit her to work and to earn some money. Nevertheless, she does everything she can to satisfy her children's needs. 

Vlăduţ doesn’t want to give up his dreams. 

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency in Romania - ADRA Romania - supports Vlăduţ's education as one of the children included in the project "I want to go to school". 

ADRA Romania started this project in 2006, through which it aims to fight against the trend of leaving school early. 

Currently, 370 children, nationwide, benefit from this program. 

Recipients are identified through partnerships with local municipalities and the whole process is coordinated by local volunteers of ADRA and school directors. 

"This case moved me deeply, it is like my personal experience. My father died when I was still a child so I know what it means when someone helps you when you are in need. After my father's death, I had the professional support of another person. As soon as someone supported my education, I wanted to do the same and be close to such children and support their families. These children have great potential and can achieve great goals with proper support and guidance," says Ionel Calotă, volunteer of ADRA Romania. 

"Education is a priority for today's society, so children in need deserve a helping hand," says Mariana Stan, School Director of a secondary school in Dor Mărunt.

ADRA Romania supports education! 

Change one life and will you change the world!

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