Romania: 7 'RON' for the ADRA Ambulance

Romania: 7 'RON' for the ADRA Ambulance

Help us to offer an ambulance to ADRA Hospital in Iraq! Donate now through the Good Grant!

January 29, 2018 | Bucharest, Romania. | ADRA Romania, EUD NEWS.

ADRA Romania is in the finals of the Good Championship organized by the Good Grant! If it reaches 19 February 2018 in the first 3 places it will be able to receive from the Romanian Commercial Bank twice the sum of the sum up to 5000 euros!

Between December 5, 2017 - February 19, 2018, the 5th edition of the Good Romanian Competition - Competition of the Romanian Commercial Bank to attract donations to NGOs from Romania - is being held, which aims to transform organizations into fundraisers in order to attract donations for project proposals or for projects under implementation.

ADRA Romania is enrolled in the Good Championship with the project "Supports the first refugee hospital", which aims to raise funds for the purchase of an ambulance to facilitate the access of refugees to healthcare.

ADRA Romania supports the first ADRA hospital that was built in a refugee camp near Mosul in northern Iraq. The hospital covers the medical needs of a population of 100,000 refugees living in tents for about 3 years. At the refugee hospital in the Hasan Sham U2 camp there were 2 trips in August 2017 and November 2017, where ADRA volunteers offered medical and psychological assistance.

The "Support the First Refugee Hospital" project has successfully passed the Round of the Good Championship Quarter (December 05 - 18, 2017) and the Semifinals (19 December 2017 - January 15, 2018), ranking for the Full Finals Finals (January 16 - February 19, 2018). In the last stage, for each qualified project, organizations need to attract as many donations as possible from as many different donors as possible.

According to the campaign rules, the first three projects with the highest final score will be declared winners and awarded. In calculating the final score, the total sum of the donations and the total number of distinguished donors throughout the 2017 Championship is taken into account. The distinct donor is considered the person who makes at least one donation in one of the stages. The awards will consist of doubling the sums attracted by donors from the Good Championship, up to a limit of € 5,000.

Get involved!

1. Walk 7 km *! This is the distance that refugees from the edge of Hasan Sham (100,000 people) have to go through to the only hospital, without an ambulance.

2. Take an interesting picture on the 7-km route! Then post the image on Facebook! Any picture will be welcomed and we will enjoy diversity.

3. Donate at least 7 RON ** until February 19, 2018! (DONATE HERE) Minimum does not mean maximum. The more we get, the better we can buy a better ambulance. If we are 7,000 people we will succeed!

4. Share this post on social networks or copy the text and put it next to your photo. Donations will be made on the Good Grant, a BCR platform where no commission is due!

* Note: Although it is secret, you can go directly to point three and then four. However, you lose all the fun.

** If the currency of the card is in another currency then RON, the conversion to the Romanian currency will be made at the VISA on the day of the transaction.

ADRA Romania, through the project "Hope for Immigrants" recognizes humanity in this refugee crisis as well as the value of each person involved. By making human rights respected and acting with compassion, a clear message of power is transmitted during this complex and fragile situation. Through its specific activities, ADRA wants to minimize the impact of this overwhelming and unbearable situation for as many men, women and children.

ADRA Romania

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