AWR Welcomes New Vice President

AWR Welcomes New Vice President

Ray Allen (AWR)

Adventist World Radio is pleased to announce the appointment of Ray Allen in a new role as vice president.

April 11, 2018 | Silver Springs, USA. | AWR Int., EUD NEWS.

Adventist World Radio is pleased to announce the appointment of Ray Allen in a new role as vice president. Allen, who has been part of AWR’s ministry since 1993, adopts the role as one of our longest- serving staff members. In his new function, he will manage the development of new AWR projects worldwide, manage the installation of new radio stations, and oversee policy development system-wide.

Allen holds a B.A. degree in theology and an M.A. degree in communication and church administration from Andrews University, and was adjunct lecturer in communication at Newbold College in the United Kingdom for 20 years. He was ordained as a pastor in 1991, and is currently completing a doctoral degree in the area of natural health.

Allen most recently held the dual titles of AWR Africa region director and global training director, and he will continue to be active in these areas. As Africa region director, he has managed the establishment of numerous FM stations and shortwave production studios, led the development of program production and FM content in tens of languages, liaised with division and union leaders regarding the use of radio for evangelism in their respective territories, and provided spiritual support to studio directors, FM station managers, and project leaders. As global training director, Allen has designed curricula to meet the needs of

radio producers, conducted training sessions around the world, organized global training summits, and developed a Train-the-Trainer course for regional staff working within specific language and cultural groups.

Over the years, Allen has also served as manager of AWR’s Europe office, director of our training resource center, and director of our former global English Language service.

Prior to joining AWR, Allen served as a church pastor and the South England Conference youth, Pathfinder, and communication director. He also served for several years as a Media Committee member at the United Kingdom’s House of Lords in Westminster, London.

He says, “I look forward very much to fulfilling my new role in AWR, an organization which I believe God guided me to many years ago. Over the years my greatest joy, satisfaction, and motivation, has been to witness the direct and very powerful change in countless people’s lives as a result of listening to God’s voice through that little ‘box’ called the radio. I’m looking forward to basking in more of this with AWR360o! I believe the radio, and the bouquet of all audio derivatives of it, is a critical ‘piece of kit’ that God is using to hasten His second coming.”

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