People 7.0. Forward Together

People 7.0. Forward Together

A joint venture with the Adventist Children’s, Family and Women’s Ministries.

May 14, 2019 | Bern, Switzerland. | CD-EUDNews. C. Cozzi.

Bern, May 8, 2019. [CD-EUDNews. C. Cozzi]. The Inter-European Region (EUD) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is organizing an “Inter-Ministries” Conference including Children’s, Family and Women’s Ministries under the motto:People 7.0 Forward Together.

The event will take place on September 18-22, 2019 in Lignano Sabbiadoro, near Venice, Italy, in the compound of  Bella Italia Resort

People 7.0 Convention is meant to connect Children’s, Family and Women’s Ministries because they usually support the same group of people. The purpose of the convention is to allow all participants to share challenges, skills and dreams. “The idea is that we should not think only in our own “garden” (department/ministry) but find ways to also work as a team to try to respond to the needs and concerns of our present generation,” said Elsa Cozzi, Children’s Ministries Director.

The need to create this event came from the fact that these departments are working and connecting with almost the same people: children are part of a family, families include women, and women are related in several ways with families and with children. It is a loop that includes everyone.

“In organizing this conference, we felt that by putting together our three ministries, it would open other ways of collaboration and mutual support also at a church level” declared the organizers, Dagmar Dorn, Women’s Ministries, Rainer Wanitschek, Family Ministries and Elsa Cozzi, Children’s Ministries.

All three ministries are facing identical millennial generation options and burdens and it is surely helpful and beneficial to organize a conference that would allow participants to share ideas, experiences, and find inspiration, motivation and maybe answers to some of the concerns. 

The conference is open to all church members and their friends who are interested in living the great opportunity to encounter other people believing in the same God, by sharing the same values, focusing on the same goals to create new connections and relationships. This is something that we don’t have the privilege to do very often.

The whole program will be enriched by experienced speakers and presenters in the area of children, women and family, as well as in the different topics that are connected with family life.

The conference topics will meet the most common and sensitive issues in life, such as, health matters, counseling, inter-generational relationships, Christian education, depression and burnout, social media, gender issues, finance management, special needs awareness, abuse and domestic violence, forgiveness and reconciliation, parenting, and much more.

For complete information and registration explore the event web pagePeople 7.0, forward together.

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