Ordination to the church ministry

Ordination to the church ministry

Christine and Norbert Zens

Norbert Zens received recognition by the church that God has called him for service into His mission

November 14, 2019

Bern, Switzerland. [CD-EUDNews. C.Cozzi]. The Executive Committee of the Inter-European Region (EUD) of Seventh-day Adventists meets every year during the first weekend of November.
On Saturday, members of the Executive, officers, departmental directors, and institutions had  the opportunity to experience a spiritual program normally organized by the representatives of the host country.

This year, the program was offered by the members of the Executive of the FrancoBelga Union (UFB), covering the countries of France, Belgium, and Luxembourg.
The sabbatical message was presented by Artur Stele, vice president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. His message focused on Jesus' mandate to make disciples, with an introductory thought on Jesus' declaration of having received all authority both on earth and in heaven. Based on this authority, every Christian is entitled to carry out this mandate, strengthened precisely by the constant presence of Jesus.

The Saturday program was enriched by the Adventist choir of Annemasse, France, which also offered a concert in the afternoon, thus accompanying a very special program.  

Introduced by a sincere testimony from Mario Brito, EUD president, and a detailed biography from Rainer Wanitschek, EUD Ministerial Association director, Norbert Zens, EUD Treasurer was ordained to the church mission.

After finishing his studies in business and management Norbert Zens started working in the church as CFO  of the Adventist College in Bogenhofen, Austria. Then he continued as associate director of the auditing service of the church in the European region, and finally, in the session of the General Conference of Atlanta 2010, he was elected as CFO of the Inter-European Region.  

“Ordination for me - and I would think for most others that have been ordained – is a recognition by the Church that God has called you for service into His mission,” Zens shared. 

Being a treasurer in the Church is more than taking care of the financial management of an entity; it cannot be separated from the mission of the Church as it involves handling funds that God has provided through those that believe in Him and, therefore, want to contribute to this mission.

“Does this ordination change anything for me?” Zens asks,  “Yes and no. No, because I know that God has called me into this ministry and, therefore, this calling is not dependent on ordination. Yes, because it changed a lot as it is an affirmation by the Church for this calling and I am deeply grateful for that,” Zens affirmed. He concluded, “Honestly I would wish that we could give this affirmation to all that have been called by God to dedicate their lives to His cause.”

The ordination prayer offered by Barna Magyarosi, EUD executive secretary, was also attended by all the ordained pastors and heads of the EUD departments present in the hall.  

Next to Norbert Zens was also his wife Christine, his partner for 26 years and who shares in a large part of her husband's mission.
A floral gift, together with a warm welcome to the Shepherdess family of pastors and missionaries’ wives, was offered by Elvira Wanitschek, EUD Shepherdess.
With the greetings of Pastor Ruben de Abreu, president of the UFB, the ceremony ended with the participation of not only the EUD Executive but also of many pastors and church members living in the region.

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