La Lignière facing the Covid-19: adapting, bouncing with benevolence

La Lignière facing the Covid-19: adapting, bouncing with benevolence

Since mid-March, the Clinic La Lignière has been facing an unprecedented crisis. Covid-19 is rampant worldwide and has forced the system to adapt in record time to get through and learn from this tsunami.

April 12, 2020 | La Lignière Communication. Pictures Courtesy La Lignière

Gland, Switzerland. [La Lignière Communication, CD-EUDNews]. « In the current context, where our patients are losing their breath, while the earth is breathing again, health institutions have seen their pace of activity soar. They have been forced to comply with a set of state restrictions to comply with containment guidelines and contain the pandemic.

All this has radically changed their practices. And even more challenging at times than the structural, the institutions found themselves faced with the management of an unbelievable ferment of contrasting emotions.

The nursing staff, of course, must face the fear of being contaminated when they enter a room in order to accomplish their mission and vocation: to accompany patients deprived of the link with their loved ones.

The Clinique La Lignière, Centre de Réadaptation et de Psychiatrie de Suisse Romande, has completely reorganised itself to deal with this pandemic. Since 13 March, the LICA (Lignière Catastrophe crisis unit) has piloted a reconversion of existing specialisations and has adapted the organisation in order to be able to support the cantonal response mechanism at Covid-19.

As an integral part of the Canton's healthcare system, La Lignière has made itself available to the surrounding hospital structures in order to optimise the flow of patients leaving hospital. In this way, the intensive care beds in the hospitals of the Côte Vaud region can be relieved of congestion.  

Four containment areas have been created to safely accommodate 29 Covid-19 positive patients. Because, although they are at the end of their hospital stay, they cannot yet go home.

Mattia Benini, General Manager of La Lignière, is committed: "To help the community, we are ready to further increase our reception capacity according to the resources at our disposal and with respect for the safety of both patients and staff. Our challenges are numerous: our staff must also deal with the spread of the virus (about 8% of employees have been grounded or are in quarantine). And with the worldwide shortage of healthcare materials, Switzerland is not spared, so we are doing our utmost to put in place hygiene procedures to ensure that we have enough material available throughout this long marathon".

However, despite all these difficulties, a spirit of solidarity has emerged as never before.
Physiotherapists and occupational therapists are now helping patients with their basic needs. Administrative staff wear the gown to strengthen the cleaning team. Everyone is doing more than their own share for the common good. In the spirit of the founding Christian values of this establishment. Indeed, at the heart of La Lignière's identity is the mission to take care of the patient as a whole, seeking to meet his biological, psychosocial and spiritual needs.

And to raise souls and warm hearts, it is in this same idea that the musical notes of a violin, that of Thierry Lenoir, chaplain of the place, resound several times a week. Through the harmonies and vibrations of the strings, the hearts of the patients and staff vibrate. Hearts that connect with the hope of a return to normality.
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