ADRA International offices, ADRA Europe and ADRA Romania supported the collateral victims of coronavirusin Romania.

April 29, 2020 | Bucharest, Romania. | ADRA Romania.

Since March 8, 2020, ADRA Romania carried out humanitarian activities for the collateral victims of coronavirus in Romania as part of the project "COVID-19 HUMANITARIAN SUPPORT".

Today, through the of 30,000 USD funding granted by the offices of ADRA International, ADRA Europe and ADRA Romania, humanitarian packages will be offered according tothe international standards for 1,825 people, for 2 months, between April 15th and June 15th, 2020, within the new project “FOOD AND HYGIENE INITIAL RESPONSECOVID-19 ADRA ROMANIA - EM # 20-050”. The beneficiaries come from vulnerable families in Banat, Bucovina, Crișana, Dobrogea, Maramureș, Moldova, Muntenia, Oltenia and Transylvania. They are recommended and selected by local town halls and schools. Their eligibility files are validated by zonal ADRA coordinators and officials.

There is no doubt that the recent context caused by the COVID-19 virus has the potential to cause external damage. At first, it has affected our physical health, then, as the protective measures intensified, it affected us mentally and emotionally. According to a UN report, at the end of the coronavirus pandemic, more than half of the world's (7.8 billion) people could live their lives in poverty. "The economic crisis has the potential to become even more severe than the health crisis", said Australian Professor Christopher Hoy, co-author of this report.

Before an average-income family will get there, many low-income families would already be severely affected by this global crisis. Usually these people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds did not hold positions that were recently introduced on the online environment and now they are in critical situations. They lived one day at a time, gaining bellow-minimum wages, daily labors, and have large families,who all live in poor conditions. Being unemployed, most members of these families no longer have money to pay their rents, they no longer have food for their children, they can no longer afford to have holidays meals. The only precaution they can afford is self-isolation, or better-said isolation, because they are forced by circumstances and not by personal choice. They would probably go to work, but they have no place to work.

ADRA Romania wishes to minimize the risks for these categories of people. Understanding the financial impossibility and the social risks to which they are exposed, ADRA Romania has opened a new project, for the short term, as a crisis intervention “FOOD AND HYGIENE INITIAL RESPONSE COVID-19 ADRA ROMANIA - EM # 20-050”will provide food and basic hygiene products for 1,825 people from all areas in Romania, for 2 months, during the state of emergency with the assimilated restrictive measures. The project is mainly financed by ADRA International to which the contribution of ADRA Europe and ADRA Romania is added.

The humanitarian help that ADRA Romania has giventhrough the project “FOOD AND HYGIENE INITIAL RESPONSE COVID-19 ADRA ROMANIA - EM # 20-050”, is carried out by the qualified personnel of the ADRA team who acts according to the safety and security policies and according to the rules and regulations imposed by current laws of the World Health Organization (WHO), the Strategic Communication Group, the Ministry of Health, the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (IGSU), in partnership with local authorities.

Through the project “FOOD AND HYGIENE INITIAL RESPONSE COVID-19 ADRA ROMANIA - EM # 20-050”, which is specially created for the current situation, ADRA Romania aims to reduce the risks generated by the COVID-19 outbreak among the population. Our objective is to beachieved by promoting prevention measures and socio-economic adaptability and by ensuring the need for basic products to maintain safety.

“FOOD AND HYGIENE INITIAL RESPONSE COVID-19 ADRA ROMANIA - EM # 20-050” project has already started, and the volunteers’ involvement has been fantastic. In less than a week, the 1,825 people received packages with the necessities, thus enjoying what the ADRA Romania team achieved on the field in high risk situations. The beneficiaries were extremely grateful and received an impulse to grow their hope for the better. The dedication spirit in which the Romanians spent their last weekend is the spirit in which ADRA Romania wants to live every day. The message of the sacrifice on the cross is love, and ADRA loves!

”As the Covid-19 crisis strongly has affected the European Countries, it is a joy to verify that ADRA workers and volunteers have reacted so quickly. All of them found ways to support those that are more vulnerable and suffer the most in this situation. ADRA Romania was one of the first countries to respond, not only providing goods and medical services but also counselling and psychosocial support. It is in times of crisis that we can better affirm the work of ADRA serving humanity so all may live as God intended” Joao Martins, Executive Director ADRA Europe. 

"On one hand, we are sad when there are people in need, but on the other hand, we are happy that we can help our fellowsthrough ADRA projects. We are glad that we have received support from the ADRA International network for the “FOOD AND HYGIENE INITIAL RESPONSE COVID-19 ADRA ROMANIA - EM # 20-050” project and we hope that the help offered to the 1,825 people from all regions of Romania will make the difference between sadness and joy, because some people will be close to them in difficult situations. More than anything, we want heaven to place health and peace in their souls and families in these difficult times, but also in the days to come”, said Robert Georgescu, Executive Director of ADRA Romania.

ADRA is the global humanitarian organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Through an international network, ADRA provides consultancy and help with areas likedevelopment, recovery and assistance in more than 118 countries, regardless of the ethnicity, political or religious affiliation of the people assisted.

Through partnerships that ahve been developed with communities, organizations and governments, ADRA is able to improve the life quality of millions of people in several areas. ADRA's work reaches millions of lives in 9 areas of crucial impact. ADRA's network consists of nearly 6,000 people who are actively implementing regionally appropriate solutions for positive and sustainable change where it is most needed in order to serve humanity so that everyone can live as God intended.

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