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The Flooded Desert

A cartoon to join the Creation Detectives in their first adventure The Flooded Desert, NOW IN 7 LANGUAGES!

The Flooded Desert

Bern, Switzerland.EUDnews, N. Duran.

“Science has no age (or even species) limits. Join the Creation Detectives—Peter, Diane, James, Pr. Max and their intrepid dog Poirot—on their wild escapades as they follow one clue after another to some unexpected discoveries… that don’t always make them popular, but always involve adventure!” Dr. Noemi Duran, Geoscience Research Institute of Seventh-day Adventists Inter-European Region Branch Office Director, invites little readers to enjoy reading a comic book based on real geology and paleontology research on the Coconino Sandstone, a famous rock layer of the Grand Canyon.

“Now, you can do it in your native language” said N.Duran, “because the comic book is available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Romanian and Italian.”

This comic book targets specifically children and teenagers 8-14 but it is perfect as well for young or adult people interested in science who want to learn about actual creationist research in an entertaining way. 

It is also a great resource to use in the Creation Sabbath (October 24, 2020) celebrations around Europe. “Feel free to share it with your church members, make use of it in youth or pathfinder activities, promote it through your social media sites, or use it as a digital gift for non-members who attend your church activities. You can also make printed copies if you wish, with no need of further permission” suggest N.Duran.

The 7 versions of the Creation Detectives comic book can be freely downloaded from:

For more information and resources for celebrating Creation Sabbath, visit Creation Sabbath on Facebook, or the Creation Sabbath webpage at:

Contact: Noemi Duran : noemi.duran(at)eud.adventist(dot)org