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Bern, Switzerland.Valérie Dufour, EUD Health Department.

While measures to reduce person-to-person transmission of COVID-19 have been widely promoted and /or made compulsory, little or nothing has been done by most public authorities to promote other important forms of prevention like lifestyle measures and supplementation.

In Ireland a call was launched in the spring of 2020, by Irish doctors to change to government Vitamin D recommendations in an effort to reduce Covid-19 mortality.1

In England, there has been a more inclusive approach to Covid-19 prevention than in other countries of Europe: besides keeping their distances and washing their hands, inhabitants were encouraged to move more and to lose weight.2

In previous pandemics and in time of seasonal influenza, it clearly appeared that overweight and excessive body fat - leading to metabolic dysregulation -  weakens the immune system and increase the risk factors for a severe forms of those infectious illnesses.

Obesity is a growing public health problem across the European Region, where more than 50% of the adult population is overweight. Overweight is also a major contributor to chronic diseases, like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and some cancers3, that in their turn are also risk factors for a severe Covid-19.

Movement and nutrition are important factors both for the prevention of COVID-19 and for the management of overweight. Regular moderate intensity training can significantly improve immune function and reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases. Also an active lifestyle can counteract the negative impact of lockdowns or prolonged phases of social distancing on physical and mental health.4

While overnutrition and deficient nutrition can adversely affect our immune response, a balanced diet with supplementation ,when needed,  ensuring an adequate intake of vitamins, minerals and trace elements can reduce the risk for a severe infectious diseases like Covid-19.

We are living in very uncertain times and presently the risk for sickness is increased for each one of us. Questions are still open regarding the vaccination and those questions could even increase if new variants should continue to emerge. The end of the epidemic is not yet on sight, this is why we need to further embrace hygienic measures, keep our immune system strong, and propose very early treatment to at-risk Covid patients with the medications that have now clearly proven their efficiency.  Also if there was ever a good time to consider losing weight: it is now!

In the following video some key elements for the prevention of a severe Covid-19, to use and widely share.