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Photo: R. Wanitschek

Elections in the Bulgarian Union

Mario Brito, president of the Inter-European Division (EUD), and Rainer Wantischek, EUD Family and Children’s Ministries director, participated at the meeting.

Elections in the Bulgarian Union

Bern, Switzerland.Rainer Wanitschek, EUDnews.

From June 16 to 19, in Borovets (Bulgaria), about 180 delegates met to elect the leaders of Bulgarian Union, to confirm employees, to decide new plans, and to revise their statutes.

The meeting was opened with the introductory words of Mario Brito (EUD president) and a common time of prayer. After the delegates from the different constituencies had determined their responsible persons for the respective committees, the committees (Nomination Committee, Plans Committee, Structure Committee, and Credentials Committee) sat down. Meanwhile, for the remaining delegates, reports from the work of the past 6 years were on the agenda (normally it’s a 5-year turn, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was extended for one year).

The previous president, Ventsislav P., had been elected to head the Ministerial Association of the Inter-European Division (EUD) – and his wife, Varta, made responsible for the EUD Ministerial Spouses Association – at the EUD Mid-Year Meeting, a few weeks earlier. He was, thus, no longer available for the office of president of the Bulgarian Union, and so a successor for the leadership of the Union had to be newly elected.

Through the work of the Nominating Committee, Milen Georgiev (previous secretary of the Union) was proposed as president and then elected by the delegates, with a large majority. Hristo Stanev was then proposed as the new secretary of the Union and was also appointed to the task by a large majority. The leadership team was completed by the re-election of the treasurer, Slavi Chirpanliev.

Thursday and Friday were dedicated to proposing and electing more sisters and brothers to the different departments, as well as confirming employees (pastors, officers) in their credentials. In addition, the new plans were adopted, structures were reformed, and prayer times were repeatedly held.

The meeting ended with Mario Brito’s sermon, on Sabbath morning, and with the words of thanks to the outgoing president, Ventsislav Panayotov, along with flowers for his wife, Varta. Farewells to outgoing staff followed, with a time of prayer together for the new team (leadership, department heads, Union committees).

On Sabbath afternoon, very beautiful musical contributions by a choir and soloists, as well as talk sessions on many projects in Bulgaria, created a thankful mood and provided encouragement to continue to implement Jesus' Great Commission, true to Jesus' words from the sermon on the mount: "You are the light of the world" and the theme of the conference: "REKINDLE THE FLAME."

“Our prayers should continue to accompany the Bulgarian Union,” commented Rainer Wanitschek, EUD Family & Children’s Ministries director and participant of the meeting, “as the country suffers from the fact that many young people are migrating from the rural areas to the cities, or even prefer to go abroad, to the West. This [is] also evident in the declining numbers of membership and reductions of local congregations, and a big need for young pastors.”

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