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Photo: ADRA Albania

ADRA in Albania encourages young people to pursue education and follow their dreams

ADRA Albania operates in the region from 1992.

ADRA in Albania encourages young people to pursue education and follow their dreams

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Every year a beautiful tradition is taking place in the city of Kruja (Albania). When young people finish nine years of primary education and three years of secondary school, they dress in formal attire and walk in front of the people gathered in the “piazza.” Together with their parents and friends, they celebrate their successful graduation. Some of them will leave the town and continue their journey of education in universities.

This year ADRA Albania cooperated with the Municipality of Kruja. ADRA team invited two young and talented singers. Their concert created a memorable night. The event followed a devastating earthquake two years ago and the long months of isolation and social distance due to the pandemic.

Kristi Qendro, ADRA’s representative and project manager of the advocacy initiative “Every Child. Everywhere. In school.” shared a positive message with attendees. Qendro inspired young people and people at the event. She encouraged them to pursue their dreams and to continue their education throughout their lives: “Education is important in your lives. Yes, there were difficulties and even casualties due to the earthquake and pandemic Kruja,  but keep dreaming and pursuing your dreams. You should never, never give up. Keep learning and developing.” Qendro stressed the importance of girls’ education: “Education of girls is vital if we want to challenge harmful customs and practices. Maybe our perception is that education is not important for girls, but this should change. Education of girls is as important as education of boys. By educating a girl, we create better conditions for the whole families and future generations”. Kristi Qendro also addressed Kruja citizens present in the event: “Keeping youth at school builds a more sustainable and strong society”.

The event was closed by the Director of Education and Culture of Kruja. "It was a beautiful summer night that hopefully remains in the memories of many young people for a long time", concluded Qendro.

More about ADRA Albania

As part of ADRA International, ADRA Albania operates in the region from 1992 and continues its work as an independent nongovernmental organization, registered under Albanian legislation, since 2000. The work of ADRA Albania is focused in the region of Kruja northern from the capital, Tirana. Education is a common denominator for all project of our organization. Through supplementary classes on literacy and numeracy and social classes, ADRA empowers children with learning difficulties in schools of Kruja region and suburbs of Tirana since 2013. Besides that, ADRA Albania closely cooperates with the local administration units and builds capacities of social workers, child protection unit workers and school staff in the field of human rights and child protection.

Pictures: 1. The Kruja Concert  2. The ADRA Albania Staff (ADRA Albania/Facebook).