ARM’s Seven Campaign Initiative to protect children transitions to Enditnow

ARM’s Seven Campaign Initiative to protect children transitions to Enditnow

Press Release

August 25, 2015 | Silver Spring, USA | Adventist Risk Management.

Adventist Risk Management, Inc. (ARM) is transitioning its campaign that focused on preventing child abuse to the enditnow campaign, led by the Women’s Ministries department of the Seventh-­‐day Adventist Church and the World Divisions. The move will enhance the resources provided by the enditnow campaign and expand its focus to children in distress. The transition will be completed this fall.

“We’re grateful that ARM is sharing its resources with us. This is a meaningful contribution to our mission to protect women and children around the world from abuse and neglect,” said Heather-­‐Dawn Small, director of Women’s Ministries for the Seventh-­‐day Adventist World Church. “It is a natural progression in our journey to reach not only women in trouble but their children as well.”

Launched in 2012, the Seven Campaign raised awareness on child abuse, including bullying, neglect, physical and sexual abuse against children. The transition comes as leaders at ARM felt enditnow would be a better platform to share preventive resources globally.  enditnow is a well-­‐known and established initiative that has called attention to the plight of women around the world who suffer in silence against physical and emotional abuse.  

“We’ve seen that enditnow has impacted the lives of many women and we want this important focus to expand to children who are in danger,” said Bob Kyte, president of ARM. “Our mission is to encourage risk management and any way we can help other ministries of the Church protect the most vulnerable.”

Learn more about enditnow and its digital resources at

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