Communications and Mission in Italy

Communications and Mission in Italy

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Rome, Italy [Vincenzo Annunziata; CD EUDNews]. In recent years, the Communications Department of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Italy has considerably developed the use of modern technology in our churches.

April 24, 2013 | V. Annunziata, Communications Director in Italy; CD EUDNews;

Rome, Italy [Vincenzo Annunziata; CD EUDNews]. In recent years, the Communications Department of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Italy has considerably developed the use of modern technology in our churches.

Hope Channel

Among the latest and most important developments is Hope Channel Italy (HCI), the Seventh-day Adventist television channel that has transmitted on the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for one year. It was difficult but we wanted to have an Adventist presence on the air. Our efforts have been rewarded because in one year we have had thousands of viewers.

To put on a variety of programs is still a challenge even economically, but it is so great that this new light can actually shine in Italy and spread the Gospel.

Because we do not have a Seventh-day Adventist Media Centre, HCI programs are still produced in Italy thanks to an agreement made with an evangelical production centre close to Naples. It provides us with a studio and technical advice needed for transmissions. The co-operation of pastors, lay members and department leaders of the Uicca (Italian Union), allows us to successfully produce spiritual and biblical programs on education, health, family, and children.


The web has grown considerably with the 16-year production of two weekly newsletters, one for the members of the church (BIA) and the other for non Adventists (Adventist News). The latter introduces our denomination and keeps people posted on its initiatives and activities, it also includes "Info-Tech", a newsletter on technical information.


Since January 2013 there have been important changes in this field. Adventist News ( has a new look, it is graphically more impressive than that of the previous year and now we can easily create a newsletter on a weekly basis. We also recently opened a new website of the monthly magazine "The Adventist Messenger" ( on which you can read all the news coming from the world wide SDA church and the local communities. The new development on this site allows you to browse online in digital form, even on movable media such as iPad, iPhone and the newest Tablet. All issues of the magazines are also sent monthly to subscribers in paper format. Besides the online Adventist Messenger, we have available (to all those who want to receive it) a weekly newsletter that, since January, has replaced the information sheet Adventist BIA.

There are many people who make contact with us at the Department, they want to know more about the Bible. They are followed up by a pastor. Over the past 4 years, over 3,000 Bible studies were given online and 736 people have benefited from our service on the web.

"I'm attracted to the Bible and especially to the figure of Jesus Christ, even though I cannot claim to be or not to be a believer. Many questions arise as I read texts and try to understand the meaning of the Bible and to deepen the knowledge of Christ's life. May I have a partner with whom to exchange emails and get answers to my questions from people like you, and to deepen my knowledge of the Scriptures? ".

Josephine's spiritual path started with this mail, an online experience gained over time and after a careful and sincere study of the Word of God, led her to decide to be baptized and join the 7th Day Adventist Church. Her conversion is genuine. In April 2007 Josephine wrote: "I think I can say that I begin to understand the meaning of the Sabbath, after having experienced it personally. This experience has strengthened my beliefs even more because the answers to my questions all come together, like a flooded river. Sometimes it takes only a few words to understand. It seems that you have removed a blockade that prevented anything from passing through... I hope to soon take the step of baptism. "


For over 30 years, the nine FM stations of Radio Voce della Speranza (Hope Channel), located in 9 different Italian cities, are also accessible on our web site (, and you can download the app for i-Pad, i-phone and Android. The Italian RVS can also be heard throughout Europe, on the second satellite channel of Hope Channel Europe.

Radio plays a remarkable role in spreading the Word as well as in promoting events and projects in the ethical, social and spiritual field.

Under the name "PMA - Produzione Media Avventista (Adventist Media Production)", the Communications Department has been making videos on various topics, that are distributed to churches and can be viewed through the web channel,, also graphic and web site development.

Currently, the Communications Department of the Italian Union (Uicca) is supporting all the other departments in setting up their sites, in training projects and evangelistic activities. In addition, the Department runs the internal structure of computers in the various offices and some online procedures for churches.

Vincenzo Annunziata is the Director of the Communications Department of the Italian Union since 2005. He has three lay assistants, two full-time: Lina Ferrara and Gianluca Scimenes, and one part-time: pastor Francesco Zenzale.

The membership of the Italian Adventist Union totals 9,548, they meet in 109 churches and 22 groups.

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