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Romania: The first Adventist Medical Center in Bucharest

Bucharest, Romania [A.Horja, G. Isvan, CD EUDNews]. October 29, 2014. Last week the Seventh-day Adventist church in Romania opened “Premed”, the first Adventist Medical Center in Bucharest, with over 2500 square meters. 1000 square meters of the building

Romania: The first Adventist Medical Center in Bucharest

The new Medical Center 'Premed'

A.Horja, G. Isvan, CD EUDNews.

Bucharest, Romania [A. Horja, G. Isvan, CD EUDNews]. October 29, 2014. Last week the Seventh-day Adventist church in Romania opened “Premed”, the first Adventist Medical Center in Bucharest, with over 2500 square meters. 1000 square meters of the building will be used by our medical staff of 15. Thus, “Premed” becomes part of the global network of almost 700 healthcare facilities within the Seventh-day Adventist church.

“I am encouraged by this important step in Romania and the progress of the Adventist Church health system in Europe through this new clinic. This is significant because, unlike the United States, in Europe we unfortunately have only a few healthcare facilities. Our hospital, has over 90 years of experience, and encourages your involvement and promises cooperation and support,” said Bernd Quoss, manager of the Waldfriede Hospital in Berlin.

With an investment of 800,000 euros, “Premed” becomes the most important multifaceted clinic in the area of Bucharest, dealing with contemporary disease prevention and natural recovery.

The main function of the centre is rehabilitation, physiotherapy, physical medicine and balneology. In addition to the rehabilitation department, “Premed” offers consultation in 15 different medical offices with the following features: general medicine/family medicine (general sonography, electrocardiogram, medical tests, diagnostic and screening etc.), ENT, dentistry, audiology, counselling and psychotherapy.

Medical rehabilitation is provided for all age groups, also movement therapy, dynamic relearning and rehabilitation activity (physiotherapy), along with the latest specialized equipment and a team of experienced specialists. The department offers a rare opportunity in Romania, to perform water rehabilitation exercises – hydrotherapy – and physiotherapy using the latest equipment. The rehabilitation department also provides occupational therapy services, using educational activity for readjustment in cases of physical and mental disability.

“The balance between prevention and treatment services broadens our outreach and facilitates the Adventist Medical Center services, in stressing preventative medicine with emphasis on lifestyle. Another important aspect of our work is answering the anticipated questions people have. In addition to traditional services we will provide seminars on health, nutrition and healthy cooking classes, support for those who want to quit smoking and drinking, weight control programs, psychological and spiritual counselling," said Svetlana Ciocarlan, general surgery resident and general manager of the Premed Medical Centre.

The opening ceremony was held on Monday, October 6 and was attended by over 100 people including medical staff, guests from local professionals in medicine and sports, administrative personnel, representatives of the Seventh-day Adventist church, including Bernd Quoss, manager of the Waldfriede Hospital in Berlin, Costel Iosub, manager of Podis Health Center in Bacau, Pastor Adrian Bocaneanu, pioneer in the history of Premed Medical Center, Svetlana Ciocarlan Premed manager, Dr. Vasile Cotaru, Dr. Ion Daniel, associate professor, Pasztay Zoltan, associate professor, Pastor Marius Munteanu and Pastor George Pirlitu. VivArte quartet provided music during the ceremony.

"Even though medical technology has overcome many obstacles, and hospitals are using increasingly developed technology, cancer incidence is still increasing. Prevention and healthy lifestyle are the only methods to reduce illness and suffering", said associate professor Dr. Daniel Ion as a mandate of the clinic.

Pastor George Pirlitu, president of the Muntenia Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist church in Romania – and owner of the clinic, recalled the critical situation and the need to start a medical center: “With this investment, we not only want to bring together professionals from various medical fields, but we especially want to offer the people of Bucharest a medical center focused on prevention and education to adopt a healthy lifestyle. For many years we have been organizing nutrition classes and health expos. We must continue providing these services on a permanent basis, as the demand and urgency keep growing.”

Pastor Pirlitu continued: “How would it feel to be able to recommend something so personal to your friends and acquaintances that would actually really help them? How would it be if we could offer them the opportunity to attend health conferences and seminars, nutrition and health cooking classes, support in quitting smoking and alcohol abuse, weight control programs, psychological and spiritual counselling, a grocery store, a book shop, sports fields, a fitness class, and other similar services? Now we can answer positively to all these questions.”

After comparing the future influence of the medical center and the parable of the mustard seed, Pastor Marius Munteanu, president of the Seventh-day Adventist church in Romania, said: “From its earliest days, the Seventh-day Adventist church has served the needs of the soul, as well as the needs of the body. Globally, we have one of the most substantial healthcare networks, and we can give special thanks to God because now it also includes a clinic right here in Bucharest. From now on, we have the opportunity to serve our neighbours according to the model set by the 700 Adventist healthcare centres around the world, right here at home. And for that I want to congratulate the officers of the Muntenia Conference and all those who made this important project possible.”

Bought with the support of the Inter-European Division, the Romanian Union Conference, Muntenia Conference, PopaTatu church in Bucharest and a private sponsor, Premed Medical Center is an initiative of the Muntenia Conference that has an interesting history.

“In the early 90s, the center was built to serve as a polyclinic by a team of American doctors. It was in a neighbourhood with many Adventist believers, but no Adventist church. In 2009, we rented a hall in the polyclinic for Sabbath services for this particular group. Members started to have a vision for this building, that it should belong to the Adventist church. This is how everything started: with prayers and high hopes, it started taking shape”, said Adrian Bocaneanu, the initiator of the project, president of the Adventist church in Romania from 1995 to 2005.

As various international studies show that the longevity of Seventh-day Adventists is related to simple methods like a healthy social and family life, no smoking, a plant-based diet, the frequent use of fruits and vegetables and engaging in regular physical activity, we think that the Adventist lifestyle can also benefit those around us, those who are not members of the Seventh-day Adventist church. Premed Medical Center practices and spreads the concept of holistic medicine, based on the foundation of a healthy lifestyle inspired by God and confirmed by the current medical research.

Pictures: 1. Dr. Ion Daniel, chief surgeon at the University Hospital in Bucharest. 2. Bernd Quoss, General Manager of Waldfriede Hospital Picture 3 & 4. Hospital facilities. 5. Svetlana Ciocarlan, Manager of Premed.