Surprising Brazilian Delegation

Surprising Brazilian Delegation

60 Brazilian participants, including the leaders, attended the European Camporee

August 13, 2015 | CD-EUDNews; Pictures C.Cozzi

Estavayer-Le Lac, Switzerland, August 6, 2015 [CD-EUDNews]. In addition to the European delegations attending the 12th Seventh-day Adventist Camporee, held in Estavayer-Le Lac, Switzerland, from August 3 to 9, 2015, some came from other continents.  One from Asia, another from Brazil. It is amazing to see people undertaking the cost of flights, especially when they come from context which don’t seem to be wealthy.
This is the case of Brazil, with about 60 camporee participants, including the leaders.

Knowing that they come from a poor context, it was natural to ask how it was possible for them to face such a financial challenge.

With a smile, one of the leaders pointed to her friend, who was right beside her. “It was possible thanks to him,” she said.

Daniel Narciso Olivera lives in Brazil, close to the capital. He is the owner of a company that develops software, in the city of Goiania. He become a pathfinder 44 years ago, and is still very enthusiastic about Pathfinders, helping youth to be involved in the organized activities whenever possible.

Olivera’s main idea was to make it a reality for the scouts from his church to have an experience outside Brazil, mainly in Europe. Last year, in 2014, he organized a trip in Portugal, attending a program of the Portuguese Pathfinders.

His purpose is to support the physical, moral and spiritual development of their children, and he believes that encountering other cultures can be really helpful, even though the cost represents a huge challenge.

“We spent about $75’000. Knowing that 95% of our kids are from economically challenged families, I started one year ago to be in contact with colleagues and friends in order to gather the money we needed. I gave the major part of the funds,” Olivera confided to me. He strongly believes that God blessed him, and for this reason he feels moved to help those in need.
And his money was well invested because he is very happy with the whole setting including the infrastructure, the spiritual program, the activities, etc.
“I really like this Camporee because, above all, our kids can encounter other cultures and learn. This Camporee does not have the same proportions as ours (the last Camporee in Brazil had around 30’000 participants), but you have a lot of countries together, and for us this is impressive.”

The scout activities in Brazil are different from those in Europe, and this exited Olivera and his group. In response to the question of what the kids will take back with them in terms of experience, Olivera answered: “First they have to learn English, and me too. They have discovered that another world exists, not only Brazil. They entered into an airplane for the first time, they encountered people who are speaking other languages, and this is an important challenge in terms of growth.”  

All these pathfinders come from Olivera’s church, The Central Church of Goiania. In this church there are about 80 pathfinders, and Olivera is doing all he can to help his young fellows.
“When I see the children growing and learning, I feel a great enthusiasm and this makes me very happy.”

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