ADRA Italia: A Safe Vehicle for Castel Volturno

ADRA Italia: A Safe Vehicle for Castel Volturno

Adra Italia is committed to improving the state of refugees in Italy.

January 30, 2018 | Rome, Italy. | ADRA Italia, EUD NEWS.

Castel Volturno does not have a stable transportation system. On via Domiziana, the only functioning bus runs on an infrequent schedule, which creates difficulties for many people who need to move around for their daily activities.

Over a year ago, the Adventist church of Castel Volturno made their old van, a donation from the 8x1000 Adventists, available for the ADRA project “Lavoriamo terre migranti”,. The van was provided for the weekly transportation of community members to their homes. However, the need arose for daily transportation of the 8 people who were part of the project.

ADRA’s plan was to provide a vehicle in good condition. Last year, various fundraising activities were planned, starting from Refugee Day, but the first van reached its end earlier than planned and an intervention was necessary.

Considering the situation, ADRA decided to render a van that it had in its network, one which would be a response to the specific needs of the situation. After a mechanical adjustments and body shop detailing in the last few days, we delivered the van to the community of Castel Volturno.

“When it was time to deliver the keys of the van, we received great joy through a big smile from Appia, who is responsible for driving the vehicle.”

This vehicle will continue to run its social activities throughout the area, giving a voice to the dignity of those who are currently living in a fragile and uncertain situation. ADRA Italy will maintain its commitment in this complex territory. Thank you to all who have supported this project and to those who continue to support it.

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