How I testified to the Mayor of Rome

How I testified to the Mayor of Rome

"I was able to offer the Bible and the book The Desire of Ages"

April 21, 2018 | Rome, Italy. | Notizie Avventiste, EUD NEWS.

We would like to share the experience of a sister from the Latino-American Church in Rome, Badaure Bejarano de Nunez.

I work with an older gentleman who just turned 100 years old and I had to accompany him to a ceremony on April 3, in the afternoon. The event was organized by the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, to celebrate the birthdays of this gentleman and other centenarians in the area of Campidoglio.

Knowing I would meet the mayor, I asked in the churches of Rome if I could have some books to gift to her and any other authorities present. Thus, when the mayor had finished handing out medals and certificates to all the centenarians, I came near and asked if she knew about the Seventh Day Adventist Christian Church, but she didn’t.

I told her that our Church is named this way because we are waiting for Christ’s return; after this explanation I was able to offer several books to her and her staff, including the Bible, the book The Desire of Ages, and other materials procured from Eco churches of Rome.

It was an exciting moment and I’m already thinking of the ceremony in which the centenarians will plant the trees they received that afternoon, in donation from the Municipality, in the various squares in Rome. Trees that represent their names. For that occasion, I would like to take other precious books that speak of God’s love. In the meantime, we are praying that these people in the world of politics will accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.

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