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Collonges: 4th Festival for Religious Freedom

"Should we grant liberty to the enemies of liberty?"

Collonges: 4th Festival for Religious Freedom

Collonges-sous-Saléve, France.Centre international pour la Liberté Religieuse et les affaires publiques.

The church of the Campus Adventiste du Saleve in France welcomed its 4th  Festival for Religious Freedom on May 11, in the presence of two representatives of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights  at the United Nations , who participated at a symposium on the topic "Should we grant liberty to the enemies of liberty?".

This subject was presented by Ivan Dos Santos, jurist; Michael Wiener, from UNHCHR; Rivan Dos Santos, historian and teacher in theology; John Graz, director of the International Centre for Religious Freedom and Public Affairs ( CILRAP ). The debate arouse much interest in the audience. It was shown that liberty of expression is a fundamental right, with some limitations such as incitement to hatred and violence. 

The program included also a worship service centered on "Liberty and Truth", centered on the life of Saul who fought liberty at first as a result of his convictions, and became Paul, the apostle of liberty who also proclaimed the truth.

In the evening we had the opportunity to enjoy a concert for Liberty with the 'Orchestre Symphonique du Saleve', composed of 50 musicians.

According to the Campus du Saléve President, JP Lehmann : "This 4th Festival of Religious Liberty was again a very successful event. It attracted the church members in the morning, the scholars and religious freedom supporters in the afternoon symposium and hundreds of people in the evening for a great religious liberty concert." 

This event was organized and sponsored by the Campus church and the CILRAP.

The CILRAP Director, Dr. John Graz said : The cooperation with the UNHCR will continue and plans are done to hold: The 3th Human Rights day; the 2nd Walk for Faith and Rights, from Geneva to the Campus-du- Saléve; the 2ndMeeting of the Faith for Rights Experts.