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Adventist Art Academy in Spain: First successful year of existence

‘God has gifted everybody with creativity’

Adventist Art Academy in Spain: First successful year of existence

Bern, Switzerland.Andreas Mazza, EUDnews.

The Art Academy is the newest area of the Sagunto Adventist Campus (CAS). During this first year of existence, it has been developing training proposals oriented from 5 disciplines: performing arts, drawing and painting, photography and video, creative writing, and pottery and ceramics. All of them are taught in the rich values of Adventist education, which promotes a holistic style of education in a privileged natural environment.

“There may always be those who think that they do not possess the gift of creativity, but we are created in the image of God, so it is possible to develop a brain with a greater capacity for ingenuity and reinvention at any stage of life - useful skills, moreover, that help us to live in today's changing world,” explained Dámaris López Fernández, both director and professor at the Art Academy.

“The first action that describes God is precisely the verb ‘to create’ in the first chapter of the book of Genesis,” continued Fernández. “He is the God of daily renewal. He ‘restores all things’ and generates new opportunities for growth.” From this certainty, the CAS Art Academy promotes a living and constant learning in the discovery of the arts, with the noblest materials.

“The Art Academy is a place open to anyone who wants to develop their creative skills, regardless of age or location,” affirmed Daniel Bosqued, Rector of the Sagunto Adventist Campus. “The aim is to help people to express who they are and discover their different capacities for artistic expression.”

The Art Academy on the Sagunto Adventist Campus is a space to learn, create, and discover new possibilities for artistic expression.

Courses run from October to June.

More about the disciplines

Pottery and ceramics. An invitation to explore the pleasure of working with clay, thanks to the unlimited creative techniques offered by the production of pottery by hand, the production of pottery using a potter's wheel, and the production of pottery using a mould.

Painting and artistic drawing. In this course, people learn different techniques of classical drawing and painting, colour theory and composition, and a review of pictorial styles throughout history.

Photography and video. A practical and exciting course for everyone to carry out visual art projects and learn the basics of photography and video.

Drama and theatre. An educational proposal structured around values for everyone, based on drama and theatre techniques.

More about Sagunto Adventist College

The Sagunto Adventist College is a Christian educational institution committed to responding to the challenges that current education represents and dedicated to offering a comprehensive value-based training to its students and their families. It currently offers education at Infant, Primary, Secondary, and Baccalaureate levels, along with the Music School, the Art Academy, the Spanish School, and the Faculty of Theology.

It belongs to the Spanish Adventist Union and to the network of the Adventist Church’s worldwide educational system. It has been located on the current Sagunto campus since 1974, although its origins go back even further.

What is known today as the Adventist Faculty of Theology (FAT) is an educational project that was born in 1942, and which has lasted until the present day with the clear mission of training men and women in pastoral ministry. Throughout its more than seventy years of existence, the FAT has had its headquarters in the cities of Madrid (1947-1967), Valencia (1967-1974) and Sagunto (from 1974 to the present).